Training Your Dog To Stay Home Alone

By Pets Dogs And Cats - March 14, 2022

People seldom realize that dogs have the same issues as we do; one of the main ones is Separation Anxiety, thats right, when you leave your dog, he gets anxious. Dogs that have been abandoned, usually taken to the pound, have a real fear of being separated fromtheir loving owners.

Imagine how you would feel, as a baby you are taken away from your brothers, sisters and mom and given to a stranger who you dont know, or put in a cage surrounded by other dogs that cry and bark all the time.

Well, there is a reason why owners need to Train a Dog To Stay at Home Alone as they do tend to get scared when you leave them alone, and when dogs get scared, they destroy things, not intentionally, but just because they are dogs.

Tracking GPS Locator

They may chew up your favorite shoes, the shoes smell like you, anything that smells like you is fair game, you being gone a couple of hours to them seems like forever !

The longer you are away the more frightened he gets, as he searches the entire house he becomes moreand more frantic, is my friend coming home? He runs into things and knocks things over in his anxiety and makes a mess of your home.

Now, you come home and find a mess, you may rant and rave at him, scolding him for the mess he has made, if this continues indefinitely he may end up with the one thing he fears the most, you take him back to the pound.

Heal Your Dog Naturally

To stop this anxiety, start by leaving the house for a short time, maybe 5 minutes, and then return and give him lots of love and attention. Leave out a few special toys for him, ones that he only gets when he is alone; always pick these toys up as soon as you return.

Gradually increase the time that you are away until he becomes used to your absences. What you are doing is building his confidence that you will always return, this may take a while, but the results are a four legged friend that is anxious every time you leave the house!